Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wedding Cake and Fleur de Lis Cake

I recently did my first 4 tier wedding cake.  It was a challenge but not a disaster.

From the reports that I have received, the cake was a hit.  Everyone loved the flavor, it was a french vanilla with a strawberry filled topped with sliced strawberries then iced in a butter creme. 

The Fleur de Lis cake was for a graduation party.  The young lady requested a chocolate cake through and through with aqua accents and the fleur de lis.  I cut the fluer de lis out using my cricut.  Added to pearl border to girly it up.  Reports were that several people who don't usually eat cake when back for seconds.  This cake was based on the White Almond, Sour Cream cake.  I just used a chocolate cake mix. 

Off to bake more cakes!!!